49. Acknowledgements#

It is often times easy to forget that many of the biggest advancements in science are only possible because of some seemingly unimportant experiments in the past. The single-cell field in all of its entirety is built on top of decades of fundamental research in biology and computer science. Without the fundamental sequencing and raw data processing techniques, we would not even dream of sequencing single cells. Imagine unsupervised data analysis of single-cell data today without fundamental algorithms to pre-process and visualize it. But these algorithms not only needed to be theoretically developed, but made accessible and reusable to all users, which is only possible because hardworking students are putting in the time to develop and maintain all frameworks and tools. We are stepping on the shoulders of giants and proud to be able to contribute a small part to guide users to analyzing single-cell data effectively.

This book is a joint effort of the single-cell community and could not have been written without the help of a massive amount of people. We are very grateful to all of our co-authors and are proud of what we jointly achieved. Detailed lists of co-authors can be found in the acknowledgements’ section in the respective chapters.